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Problems Caused From Clogged Air Filters

The Problems Caused From Clogged Air Filters

There is no reason to have clogged air filters in your home.

Cleaning air filters is a chore many homeowners overlook; however, it is paramount they are giving adequate attention otherwise you and your home could suffer the consequences. Here are some of the main problems from having clogged air filters in your home.

Unhealthy Air In Your Home

You don’t want you and your family breathing it unhealthy air, do you? The whole point of the air filters in your homes is to filter out all the dust, dirt, and other debris from circulating through the air. They serve an important purpose because they keep your air clean. If anyone in the home has asthma or bad allergies, functioning air filters are an absolute. In addition, dog and cat owners should routinely be checking their filters because they are more susceptible for being clogged.

Bad Heating and Cooling

We are currently smack-dab in the summer months and are experiencing the hottest time of the year. With that said, you want to make sure your air filters are not clogged so your home does not turn into a sweat box. The same can be said during the winter months when you are trying to heat your home.

Unnecessary Energy Consumption

If you are a homeowner you know how quickly the bills can pile up. If you have clogged air filters in your home, you are constantly losing money on your utility bills. Don’t throw money out the window when you can easily correct this problem by replacing your filters. It is the much cheaper option and usually does not take you very long.

Damage To AC Unit

Most air conditioning units last several years without any problems. However, this will not be the case for yours if you do not give it the maintenance it requires. Clogged air filters will damage your air conditioning unit as a whole and prevent it from lasting as long as it normally would. If your air filters are always left unattended, don’t be surprised when you need to shell out money for a whole new unit.

AC Tune-Ups from International HVAC

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