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4 Tips For Choosing A New Air Conditioner

4 Tips For Choosing A New Air Conditioner

Have you considered a new air conditioning system for your home?

We are about to experience the hottest part of the year. July and August can bring relentless amounts of humidity and heat. With that said, you want to make sure that your air conditioning system is functioning properly. You may realize that the time has come to invest in a new system for your home. Here are just a few helpful tips for choosing a new air conditioner.


The size of your air conditioner is actually pretty important. Most people assume the bigger the system, the cooler your home will be. This is not exactly the case. You want to choose an air conditioning system based on the square footage of your home. In addition, you want to consider the cooling load, which can be determined by looking at things like the size of your home and the amount of insulation it contains.


Naturally, you want cost to be near the top of your list of considerations. If you are not constricted by a budget, there are several things you can consider. To begin, you can look at all high-end energy efficient systems and determine how much money you will save every year on your energy costs. Next, you should think of your air conditioning system as an investment if you are planning on selling your house some day. If you buy a new system, it should add value to your home.

Energy Efficient

If you are replacing your old and outdated air conditioning system, you should go with something energy efficient. Nowadays with all the advances in technology, you can find purchase air conditioning systems that will save you money on your energy bills. In addition, they are better for the environment.

Choose The Right Company

There are certain home improvements that require the assistance of a reputable company. Don’t put your trust into anyone without looking up their credentials. International Services Mechanical HVAC has been helping families since 2007 and has built a solid reputation in the industry.

AC Tune-Ups from International HVAC

If you searching for an affordable new AC unit, you can trust International Services. We are the trusted HVAC repair technicians for families in the Maryland and Virginia areas, and we have been keeping residents comfortable for almost ten years. We provide you with the highest quality services for the best possible price, and we never cut corners. For more information about our services, contact us online or by calling (202) 241-4822, (703) 445-7766, or (301) 534-4822. Do you want more tips on keeping your home and furnace leak-free? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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