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Is It Time for an AC Tune-Up?

AC tune-up

Getting your AC unit serviced now can maximize its lifespan.

The days and nights are getting warmer, and most homeowners are starting to turn on the air conditioning. However, after months of accumulating dust and not being used, your air conditioning unit could probably use an AC tune-up. What is an AC tune-up and how can you tell that you’re due for one?

When Was the Last Time Your AC System Ran?

Chances are, the answer is last summer or last fall. Over those months, your AC unit will sit and collect debris and dust from the air. Over months of not being used, your AC system can also develop issues that affect its performance and efficiency. An AC tune-up will put the eyes of a skilled HVAC technician on your unit to identify any potential problems and fix them before the warmer months ahead.

What Are Your Energy Bills Like?

Have your energy bills been slowly creeping up over time? Do you want your energy bills to be lower? An AC tune-up will maximize the efficiency of your system and lower your energy bills when you turn the unit on. If you haven’t had an AC tune-up in years, your system has been slipping further and further away from optimal performance. Calibrate your system and enjoy immediate savings today!

Don’t Get Caught in the Rush

Last but not least, now is the time to schedule your AC tune-up. Once the days get warmer, many other people will be turning their air conditioning units on and discover that they don’t work. The longer that you wait to have your AC tune-up completed, the higher the chance that you will get caught in the pre-summer rush of other homeowners. It’s always better to prevent your air conditioning system from breaking down instead of dealing with the breakdown once it occurs.

AC Tune-Ups from International HVAC

If you searching for an affordable new AC unit, you can trust International Services. We are the trusted HVAC repair technicians for families in the Maryland and Virginia areas, and we have been keeping residents comfortable for almost ten years. We provide you with the highest quality services for the best possible price, and we never cut corners. For more information about our services, contact us online or by calling (202) 241-4822, (703) 445-7766, or (301) 534-4822. Do you want more tips on keeping your home and furnace leak-free? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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