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How to Winterize Your Cooling System

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You may have your winter attire and hot cocoa all ready to go, but did you winterize your cooling system?

While it seems like summer would be the hardest time of year on cooling systems and the rest of the year easy smooth sailing, this is not the case. In fact, it is incredibly important that you start to prepare your cooling system for winter and effectively winterize it. Here are some helpful do’s and don’ts for making sure that your cooling system is ready to handle the cold and be ready to be snapped back into use at your convenience as the weather warms again.   

Don’t Be Cavalier About Coolant

Selecting which type of coolant is best can be tricky. Often they are differentiated by color, which should make things simple, but this is not always a reliable guide. Using the wrong type of coolant can also have serious implications for your truck down the line and cause unforeseen issues. While you can mix types of coolant, this is not always the best option, and complicates things as then you have to make sure that every type of coolant that you utilize is right when it comes time to winterize your cooling system.

Do Take The Time For System Inspection

Just because the weather cools down doesn’t mean that the heat load on your engine is any less. In order to ensure everything is in working order, it is important to have a trained person give your whole system a close look a few times a year. This means that small problems will be spotted before they become expensive, inconvenient, or potentially dangerous issues. In order to keep your engine in safe working order, the importance of this cannot be overstated.

Don’t Forget About Your Belt

Belts are a critical part of any cooling system, but changes in technology have also made it very difficult to spot problems in them early on. In the early days of trucking, belts were made of neoprene and would obviously show their wear and start to crack, making their condition obvious. Today it is not so easy to tell with the naked eye and belt gauge is necessary.

We Can Help Solve All Of Your Cooling System Problems

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