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How to Control Excess Humidity in Your Home

How to Control Excess Humidity in Your Home

Are you tired of having excess humidity in your home? Discover how you can control that here.

Summer is here, and along with it comes intense heat and humidity. Even when the air conditioner is blasting at its highest setting, lingering humidity can make you feel much warmer than you are. How can you control excess humidity in your home and stop it from damaging your property?

Why is High Humidity a Bad Thing?

The high humidity that is currently in the air will not stay in the air forever. Over time, moisture will sink into porous building materials like brick, drywall, insulation, and wood. Once all of these materials are wet (especially if you don’t realize they are), they will start to rot and degrade. Eventually, these materials will lose their usefulness and need to be replaced altogether.


Excess humidity can also lead to mold growth, as mold’s favorite spot to live is warm, moist locations. Once mold and fungus are spreading through your home, the air quality will also rapidly decline. Excess humidity can cause a whole host of health problems for both your home and your family.  

What Are Signs That I Might Have Excess Humidity?

Some of the biggest signs of excess humidity include:

  • Window condensation
  • Patches of mold throughout your home
  • Paint that is peeling
  • Wallpaper with bubbles

How Can I Control Excess Humidity in My Home?

In order to control excess humidity in your home, you need to focus on eliminating the sources of moisture as much as possible through ventilation and other means. Always use the fans in your kitchen and bathroom whenever you are cooking or bathing and turn them off a few minutes after. Waterproof your basement to prevent a small basement leak from bringing excess humidity into your home.  Keep plants and flowers away from your foundation to reduce the moisture in the area directly around your home. Add additional ventilation to prevent moisture from accumulating in any one area.

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