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Welcome to our new site! Here at International Mechanical HVAC, we’re pleased to offer HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair services for customers from Frederick, MD to Arlington, VA. Let’s take a look at the new sight and our services.

You’ll notice on the homepage that we offer a free estimate for commercial and residential projects. Simply fill out the form and we’ll get in touch! Underneath that is a handy list of all the different types of services we perform: Heating Repair & Installation, Cooling Repair & Installation, Air Duct Cleaning, Plumbing, Commercial HVAC, and Commercial Kitchen Appliance Repair. We’ll get into each of these in more detail later. Next, you’ll notice that we provide services for both commercial and residential HVAC. Our servicemen have a wide range of technical skills, including the ability to work with HVAC systems of any brand and model. We also pride ourselves in our friendly customer service approach; we strive to provide you with reliable and professional services and a great experience. Let’s dive into our services and what you can expect when an International Services serviceman visits your home or business.

Heating Repair & Installation

Heating is an essential part of any home, especially here in the Northeast where the winters can be harsh. However, heating can take up a lot of energy, especially if your heating system is not updated. Heating systems tend to contribute to about 75% of your heating bills, and an old heating system that is not energy efficient can be even worse. An old system not only hikes up your energy bills, it also may leave the air feeling musty and can even be a danger in some cases. This is where we come in. No matter whether your are replacing an old system, installing a brand new system, or repairing an existing system, our experienced servicemen can handle the job.

When you call us to come inspect your heating system, you can expect us to evaluate the condition of your old system and let you know what maintenance it may need and what the next steps are. If you decide to replace your heating system, we provide you with all the current information about the different types of heating systems that are available to you and guide you through the decision-making process so that you can make a well-informed choice. After that, we install your new heating system and make sure you have the warranties and guarantees. Now, you can enjoy toasty warm heat and a lower electric bill!

Cooling Repair & Installation

Just as it’s important to have working heat in the winter, it’s also important to have strong cooling in the summer. The intense summer heat causes many homeowners to turn their air conditioners on full blast. Because of their extensive use, air conditioners may need occasional cleaning or repair. A cooling system that is blocked with debris is less effective and can even be dangerous. It’s important to know that your cooling system is fully functional and efficient.

When you call us to come inspect your cooling system, we will evaluate your system and work with you to find a solution that fits your budget. We can install, replace, repair, and service your cooling system or thermostat. We also service air cleaners and offer duct cleaning to make sure your cooling system is properly maintained and running at peak efficiency. With a new cooling system, you’ll be enjoying the chill breeze in no time!

Air Duct Cleaning

If you are a homeowner, and especially if you are a business owner, blocked air ducts can be a liability. Pet hair and dirt that builds up in air ducts over time can exacerbate allergies, and occasionally a clogged air filter can get sucked out of position and into the system equipment, which could pose a fire hazard. To prevent these things from happening, regular air duct cleaning is necessary.

The typical HVAC system will circulate the air in a home or facility five times daily. This is why it’s essential that the air ducts are not blocked or contaminated. Air ducts that are not clean do not work at peak efficiency and can even be doing more harm than good if they are spreading allergens. A clean air duct works hand-in-hand with an energy-efficient cooling or heating system to keep energy costs down. Our professionals perform a detailed cleaning of your air ducts to make sure they’re clean and unobstructed.

Air ducts should be cleaned at least once every two years. There are several other signs that indicate that your air ducts need cleaned. If there is any noticeable vermin, insects, dust buildup, or mold growth, then an air duct cleaning can fix the problem. Call us today to clean your air ducts so you can start breathing easy!


A broken down heating or cooling system can be uncomfortable, but broken plumbing can be downright unbearable. Plumbing needs to be working at all times. When you have a plumbing emergency, you can trust the experts at International Services to jump to action. We offer plumbing services for both residential and commercial customers, ranging from anything from a leaky faucet to a burst pipe. Any problem you have, big or small, we can handle. Our plumbers have a wide array of knowledge and skill to tackle nearly any problem you may have. Just give us a call, and we’ll have your plumbing back up to snuff in no time!

Commercial HVAC

HVAC services for commercial properties require a special set of knowledge and skill. Here at International Services, our professionals are equipped to handle any commercial HVAC problem you may have.

We can handle the installation of new HVAC systems to a commercial property. We understand how crucial that initial installation is for the comfort of your employees and clients. A commercial HVAC system that is installed quickly, efficiently, and safely is key to comfort down the road. We also perform remodels and retrofits to existing HVAC systems that update them so that they are more energy efficient and safe. If your HVAC system breaks down, we can be there in a heartbeat to diagnose and repair it quickly. Should your system need replacement, we can work with you to find the best solution. Finally, you can call us regularly to perform seasonal maintenance on your HVAC system, which prevents problems before they occur and keeps your HVAC system running smoothly at all times.

Commercial Kitchen Appliance Repair

Commercial kitchens are busy and fast-paced. Whenever something goes wrong with a commercial kitchen appliance, timing is key. That’s why we work quickly to ensure that your appliance has as little downtime as possible and your profitability is not jeopardized.

What kind of appliances do you handle, you may ask. We handle it all! We have a wide range of replacement parts for many popular brands and models. In the past, we have worked with a wide range of clients, from restaurants to bakeries to supermarkets and more. With our large stock of replacement parts and up-to-date knowledge of the latest technology and techniques, we’re equipped to respond quickly and efficiently, so you can get your appliance back in the game!

Get in Touch with International Services

International Services has been the trusted HVAC repair company for local families in Maryland and Virginia since 2007. We strive to provide you with the highest quality services for a price that fits your budget. Our skilled professionals have a wide array of expert knowledge, so we can give you the best service possible.

For more information about our wide range of services, give us a call at (202) 241-4822, (703) 445-7766, or (301) 534-4822. You can also drop us a line via email. Want a free estimate? Fill out our form! Do you want to keep up with the latest tips, updates, and news? Follow our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+!

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