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The Benefits of Central Air

central air

These units are neatly placed outside the home and heat or cool the entire house.

Do you have a weak, leaky window unit air conditioner? It may be time to switch to central air. Central air has many advantages over window unit air conditioning. Not only will your home reach a comfortable temperature within minutes, but the air will be healthier as well! Read on to learn more about the great benefits of having central air.

Less Noise

If you have a window unit air conditioner in your living room, then you’ve probably turned on the air to get comfortable while watching a movie and turned the volume waaaay up so that you can hear the dialogue! With central air, you don’t have to worry about noisy air conditioners. The main air conditioning unit is located outside of the home, so noise doesn’t get a chance to enter the quiet seclusion of your humble abode.

Aesthetic Appeal

Since the central air unit is located outside, the view from your windows isn’t blocked the way it would be with a window unit. Many homeowners choose to implement creative landscaping around their central air unit, which looks even better.

Clean Air

Did you know that a central air system actually cleans the air as it circulates it through the home? As long as you are regularly replacing your filter, your cooling and heating system will actually remove allergens from the air, which is especially beneficial for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Easily Controlled

If you have multiple window units, then you have to go to each unit and manually make adjustments to the temperature. With central air, a single unit controls the temperature of the entire home. A single control pad allows you to change the temperature within the entire home from one location. Some homeowners choose to have controls put in every room. This allows the temperature of each individual room to be easily controlled, and rooms that are frequently unused do not have to be cooled or warmed.

Both Heating and Cooling

Most central air units have the ability to both heat and cool the home. With temperatures still hot but winter right around the corner, you’ll be glad to have the option for both!

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