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Top 3 Most Expensive Energy Habits

expensive energy habits

What expensive energy habits are wasting your money?

Whether or not you realize it, your everyday energy habits might be costing you a fortune! Just like bad health habits can cost you a lot during a trip to the doctor’s office, bad energy habits can cost you a lot at the end of the month. Here are the top three most expensive energy habits that you could be paying for.

Leaving the Thermostat

Do you set the thermostat once a week and let it run, whether you are home or away? The temperature outside isn’t the same all week, so the temperature inside shouldn’t be either! Heating and cooling costs add up to over half of the energy you use in your home, so make a point to conserve when you’re away and use responsibly when you are home. If you have a programmable or smart thermostat, set it so that the heating and cooling features aren’t running while you are away and enjoy the savings.

Leaving Everything Plugged In

Thanks to the enormous amount of things we now have that use energy like phones, computers, televisions, videogame consoles, printers, and more (and that’s just in the living room!), we use more energy than ever. If you leave everything plugged in all of the time, you are using energy when you aren’t even using these devices! This expensive energy habit might not cost a lot per device, but times 10+ devices it can be pretty costly. Use a power strip with an off switch and make sure that you turn it off before bed and before leaving the house.

Leaving Your HVAC System As Is

An un-maintained HVAC system is a huge expensive energy habit, and many homeowners don’t even realize that they have fallen into it. If you have dirty air filters, an out of date furnace, or holes in your ductwork, you are paying way more than you need to ever month. Have a professional inspection and repairs done by International Services to get your energy bills back where they belong.

Helping Identify Your Expensive Energy Habits

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