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Why Does My Furnace Have a Water Leak?

water leak

Learn where your furnace’s water leak is coming from.

None of us ever want to imagine a puddle of water around any appliance in our homes, especially not the furnace. What are the most common causes of a water leak in your furnace?

A Clogged Drain

Do you have an air conditioner in your home? Many times, the heating and air conditioning systems share the same internal drain. That drain can get clogged over time and cause your air conditioner to direct water through the furnace instead. This makes it seem like the furnace itself is leaking, when in reality the clogged drain is the problem. Unclog the shared drain and the leak should instantly vanish.


Do you have an energy efficient furnace? These naturally make more condensation than old-fashioned models. The condensation they product can collect beneath the furnace and look like a leak. It should collect in a pan or drain away, but if the drain is clogged or the pan is full, you might see a leak. Take care of the issue with the drain or pan and the leak will disappear.

The Humidifier

Does your home’s HVAC system have a humidifier built in? These will use water from your plumbing to increase the humidity in your home over the cold winter months. If your built in humidifier has a clog or a crack in it, it can give the appearance that your furnace has a water leak. Make sure that you examine your humidifier before you worry about a potential leak.

Heat Exchanger

If none of the above are the cause of your problem, the secondary heat exchanger for your furnace might be the culprit. This repair can be quickly handled by the professionals at International Services Mechanical HVAC so that your furnace won’t leak anymore.

We’ll Fix All of Your Leaks

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