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When Should I Replace My Furnace Filters?

As part of your winter and seasonal maintenance, you should get into the habit of replacing your furnace filters. However, different homes can require slightly different changing schedules depending on how their furnace is used. How can you tell when it’s time to replace your furnace filters? 

Learn the best time to replace a furnace filter

Learn the best time to replace a furnace filter

Who Lives in Your Home?

Okay, obviously you live in your home, but who else does? If you have any furry or feathered friends, you might need to change your furnace filter more often due to the dander. If you have more than one pet in your house, you’ll need to change it more frequently than if you just had one. If you have multiple pets, plan on changing your furnace filter every month for a 1-2 inch filter, every other month for a 4 inch filter, and every 3 months for a 5 inch filter.

How Often Do You Run the Heat?

Do you have the heat on all the time? If your furnace or air conditioning unit is running most of the time, you’ll need to change your furnace filter much more often. If you have it on just about all day and night, plan on changing 1-2 inch filters monthly. If you use it sometimes or just during the day or night, change it every couple of months. If you rarely turn your heat on, every 3 months or so will do. Four inch filters can be changed every two, four, or six months and five inch furnace filters can be changed three, six, and twelve months apart.

Are the Windows and Doors Open Frequently?

This can also change how often your furnace filters need to be changed. Windows and doors bring in dust, dirt, and microscopic particles to your home. If you have doors and windows open frequently, use the same frequent changing system for your furnace filters that we described in the last step.

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