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How To Heat Cold Rooms

Heating Cooler Rooms

If a room in your home is cooler than usual, you may need to check your HVAC system.

With the temperatures quickly dropping you may begin to notice that some rooms in your home are consistently cooler than others. While this may be useful if it’s a room that’s not used frequently, in many cases it can be an uncomfortable bother. There are a variety of reasons one room may stay cooler than others. Often, it’s a simple issue that’s easy to fix. However, it may indicate a more significant problem with your heating system. At the beginning of every season, it’s best to do a thorough check of your heating and HVAC unit as you complete any needed maintenance. This maintenance period is also a great time to have a specialist drop by to make sure your unit is working at its best. If you’ve ruled out heat pump problem, these next steps can help keep your home more comfortable all season long.

Check That The Registers Are Open

One of the first things to check in your home is that all of the register and vents are open in every room. Sometimes the registers and vents are closed on accident, and they can cause the airflow to become unbalanced leading to both too hot and too cool rooms.

Close Off Drafts

One of the most significant sources of heat loss in homes, particularly older homes, is drafty windows and doors. Take time at the beginning of fall to check all of your weather stripping and joints to ensure that there are no cracks or gaps. If there are, replacing the weather stripping and adding a layer of silicone caulking can help significantly. If your home has old windows, you’re not ready to replace there are also options such as plastic sheeting that can be heat fitted to the frame to help minimize heat loss.

Evaluate Your Thermostat

Is your thermostat placed in the room that’s always the warmest? Sometimes the location of the thermostat cause it to have an incorrect or non-representative reading. Moving your thermostat to a new location may help ensure that your whole home is getting warm, not just the room with the thermostat.

Borrow Heat

Some rooms may heat up faster than others, your kitchen, for instance, is always likely to be warmer than the rest of your home. Installing a room-to-room ventilator is a great way to encourage better heat exchange and air flow without cranking the thermostat up all the way. Plus, these ventilators can be installed relatively cheaply, making them a great option.


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