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Common HVAC Smells: What’s Normal and What’s Not


When cranking the air conditioning for the first time this year, you might notice a few smells coming through your HVAC system.

Now that spring is finally here, the weather is starting to warm up. With the unpredictable weather the DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas experience, you might find yourself turning on your air conditioning a bit earlier than you expected. When cranking the air conditioning for the first time since September, you might notice a few smells coming through your air ducts. Most of these odors are normal, but some of them are not. Here’s what to look for when turning on your air conditioning for the first time this spring.

Electrical Odors

After turning your A/C unit on, it might start to smell as if it’s overheating. And that very well may be the case. If you suspect that it is overheating, turn the unit off before conducting a search. Remove the filter, and check to see if it dirty.  If you don’t think this is the source of the smell, contact a local HVAC service who can take a look at your system as soon as possible.

Rotting Smells

If you smell an odor similar to rotting eggs, this is most likely a sulfur smell. This could potentially mean that there is a natural gas leak in your unit. Gas leaks are dangerous, so open the windows, and get out of your home. Call a trusted HVAC professional immediately to have this problem fixed.

Musty Mildew

A musty, moldy smell is probably the most common smell coming from HVAC systems. There is a lot of condensation that occurs when the A/C unit is running, and if this moisture does not drain properly, mold can build-up over time. The mold build up in your air ducts can cause poor air quality in your home. While this is not an emergency situation, you should still have an HVAC technician come out as soon as it’s convenient for you.

Air Conditioning Services from International HVAC

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