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The Advantages of a Ductless System

ductless system

A ductless system is a convenient, freestanding unit.

Whether you are remodeling your current home, looking to retrofit your brand new house, or searching for a better way to heat and cool your home, a ductless system could be exactly what you are searching for. Ductless heating and cooling systems allow for many different installation options, incomparably efficient operation, and simple straightforward maintenance. Read on for more of the advantages of a ductless HVAC system for your home.

Numerous Zoning and Installation Options

Ductless systems were initially made so that spaces that couldn’t accommodate clunky and large ductwork could still have heating and air conditioning. They are flexible and practical for a variety of commercial and residential spaces. These ductless systems can extend dozens and dozens of feet from the outdoor unit to the indoor air handling unit (AHU). Each indoor AHU provides separate air conditioning to keep zones separate. Where are ductless systems typically used?

  • Home additions and retrofit projects—Ductless systems are excellent for heating and cooling additions or remodels without worrying about outdated HVAC equipment (or no heating or air cooling at all!).
  • Sunrooms or garage workshops—Enjoy your sunroom or mancave in comfort throughout the year with a ductless AHU system. You could potentially use more than one AHU to keep the air heating and cooling systems completely separate.
  • Home offices—Ductless systems can offer you heating and cooling to specific zones without turning on the entire system, which makes them ideal for people that work from a home office and don’t need to cool the entire house during typical workday hours.
  • Guest rooms or your college kid’s bedroom—Ductless systems work excellently for bedrooms that are not occupied the entire year, as you aren’t paying to heat and cool them during the off months but you can easily crank it back up once your daughter comes home for the weekend.

Unparalleled Efficiency

Ductless systems are known to be very efficient at heating and cooling spaces. Many are outfitted with the latest temperature technology so that they can effectively monitor the exchange of heat, airflow, and how well the space is being cooled.

Maintenance That Isn’t a Headache

Worried that a ductless system will mean costly and complicated maintenance? Don’t! Ductless systems just require the same basic home HVAC maintenance that your existing HVAC system does, like cleaning and replacing the air filter.

Ready to Go Ductless?

If you are ready to transform your residential or commercial property with a ductless system, you can trust International Services. We are the trusted HVAC repair technicians for families in the Maryland and Virginia areas, and we have been keeping residents comfortable for almost ten years. We provide you with the highest quality services for the best possible price, and we never cut corners. For more information about our services, contact us online or by calling (202) 241-4822, (703) 445-7766, or (301) 534-4822. Do you want more tips on keeping your home cool? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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