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Working Central Air Keeps Employees Productive

working central air

Employees are happier and more productive when they don’t have to worry about the temperature.

The heat at your office is finally turned off for the season and employees are shedding their coats and cardigans in favor of more seasonally-appropriate clothes. Working central air is critical to keeping employees on task and productive throughout the workday. Why is working central air so important to your office?

The Cost of Being Too Cold or Too Warm

Many office workers complain of being too warm in the winter and too cold during the summer thanks to improperly working central air. While central air is a great tool for office buildings, it can lead to a great deal of discomfort if it isn’t working correctly. A recent study by Cornell University examined the effect of the temperature in the office on employee productivity. When temperatures were too cold (68 degrees), employees made a whopping 44% more errors and were 50% less productive than when temperatures were more appropriate (78 degrees). The decrease in productivity and performance cost that employer about 10% more money per hour per employee.

It Changes How Employees Interact With Each Other

While performance noticeably dips when working central air isn’t present, the way that employees interact with each other also changes. Psychologists found a link between physical warmth and interpersonal warmth, concluding that when employees are uncomfortably cold, they are more likely to perceive and treat others as if they are not generous or caring.

Warmth and Productivity Go Hand in Hand

Cold temperatures are shown to reduce productivity, but does warmth increase productivity? Yes! Not only does it increase the productivity and output of every employee, it also helps employees to positively collaborate with each other and enjoy a great workplace environment. Working central air can mean the difference between an icy cold office and a warm and productive one.

Central Air from International HVAC

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