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What’s the Deal with Indoor Humidity?


Humidity can lurk throughout your home or workplace. Here are a few common questions people have when it comes to indoor humidity.

Indoor humidity can leave you feeling sweaty, irritable, and miserable. Even worse than discomfort, indoor humidity can cause allergens like mold and dust mites to build up over time. But what causes indoor humidity?  Even in a controlled climate, humidity can lurk throughout your home or workplace. Here are a few common questions people have when it comes to indoor humidity.

What Should My Indoor Humidity Level Be?

Typically, indoor humidity levels should range from about 30-40% with 35% being the ideal level.  Anything above 40% could cause condensation to form, which breeds unsafe mold and mildew. Be vigilant of any mold growing on or around windows where condensation is most likely to collect.

What is the Proper Humidity for My Home?

Similarly to how high humidity levels can cause problems in your home, humidity levels that are too low are problematic as well.  HVAC systems that cause too low humidity levels can lead to static electricity throughout a home or workplace. Also, the dry air caused by low humidity can cause nosebleeds and cracking of wood floors and furniture.  Catch a broken HVAC system causing these problems before it’s too late, and contact a professional to check it out.

How Does Humidity Affect Me?

High indoor humidity levels can lead to many problems for the people within a home or a workplace.  Humidity levels from 50-60% and higher create the perfect living conditions for allergens such as dust mites and mold.  These allergens can be very harmful, causing allergies, asthma, or even respiratory infections.

Do I Need a Humidifier?

You may very well need a humidifier in your home to keep the humidity levels where they should be.  If you are experiencing discomfort from nosebleeds or headaches, contact a professional HVAC service to come to your home or workplace to see what repairs or replacements you may need.

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