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Save Money on Your Summer Energy Bill with These HVAC Maintenance Tips

HVAC maintenance

These simple HVAC maintenance tips will help save you money on your energy bills this summer.

With summer temperatures quickly rising you may be starting to fret about your upcoming power bills. HVAC units are a blessing for keeping you comfortable, but the cost of keeping them running can be daunting. These simple HVAC maintenance tips will help save you money on your energy bills this summer.

Replace Old Units

While the initial cost of replacing an HVAC unit may seem daunting, the overall improvement in efficiency will likely prove worth it. If you have an old unit that has not been maintained it’s probably using more than its fair share of power to do a less than excellent job. Updating to a new, energy-efficient model will keep your home cooler for less.

Add a Programmable Thermostat

Switching to a programmable thermostat is a simple way to help cut back on your air conditioning needs this summer. Since they allow you to schedule your home’s temperature to your schedule, you’ll save energy by not running your HVAC at full power during the day. Not only can you program it to run less while you’re at work, but with some, you can create different temperature baselines for different rooms.

Keep Filters and Vents Clean

Not only can dirty vents and filters decrease the air quality in your home, but they might also be forcing your air conditioner to work harder to keep up with demand. Vents, in particular, can cause issues as they might be accidentally closed during previous cleanings. If there are any unusually warm rooms or areas in your home, the first place you look should be your vent.

Give Your HVAC Unit Shade and Cleaning

By making sure your HVAC unit isn’t in direct sunlight you can help it run more efficiently. However, make sure to regularly check that shrubbery and leaves haven’t made their way into the system as they can lead to long-term damage.   

Add Fans

Hot air in your home will rise to the ceilings and upper floors, to keep things cool and help give your air conditioner a break make sure to add ceiling fans and standing fans. Not only can this help keep air circulating, but they can help move hot air out giving your HVAC unit a well-deserved break.

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