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Why Is My Heater Blowing Cold Air?

Why Is My Heater Blowing Cold Air?

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It is a disheartening feeling when realize your home’s heater is blowing cold air. It is even more upsetting if you have to experience this during the fall or winter months. There are all sorts of reasons why your heater could be releasing cold air. Here are some of the most common explanations for why you are experiencing this problem!

Your Air Filters Are Dirty

When was the last time you checked your home’s air filters? Over time, your filters need to be cleaned or replaced. It is easy for dirt and other forms of debris to find its way onto your filters. If your heater is blowing cold air, your first step should be to take a look at your air filters. Try changing them and see if that resolves your problem.

Check Your Pilot Light

Is your furnace pilot light lit? If it is not, you want to check to make sure that gas is flowing through it. This will require you to look at the gas valve and check to see if it is turned on.

Need More Fuel

Another common reason why your heater is not functioning correctly is because it is low on fuel. If this is the case, it is an extremely easy fix. All you need to do is refuel it and you should be good to go!

Leaks In Ductwork

Leaky ductwork is a more challenging problem to resolve. This is because the leaks are difficult to spot and it requires you to go into your attic or crawlspace. Once you are up there, check for leaks by walking up and down the ductwork to see if you feel any blowing air. Once you locate a spot, you need to seal it off and insulate around it.

None Of The Above

If you have checked everything listed above and can’t manage to detect your problem, you should give International Services Mechanical HVAC a call! We will inspect your heater thoroughly and be able to determine the problem.

Furnace Tips from International HVAC

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