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4 Maintenance Tips For Your Commercial Kitchen

Keeping equipment in a commercial kitchen running smoothly is never an easy task. Often the machines are complicated, large, and expensive to repair. All of this leads to why it’s

commercial kitchen

Here are four simple maintenance tips that will help keep your commercial kitchen up and running.

important to do everything you can to ensure your commercial kitchen equipment is kept in the best possible conditions. Here are four simple maintenance tips that will help keep your commercial kitchen up and running.

Keep On Top Of Rules

Make sure to read the manuals in full for all of your commercial kitchen equipment. All supervisory staff should have a working knowledge of the manuals as well. Not only will this allow them a better understanding of how the machines work, but they will be better able to troubleshoot in case of problems. Essential information from these manuals must be taught to the rest of the staff. In addition, training must be done to ensure that all staff knows the do’s and don’ts of your equipment.  

Keep Freezers Clean

Commercial freezers can wind up being an area that gets less attention than it should. Even if your freezer has always been reliable, once a month a thorough inspection should be performed. This inspection can include a cleaning time but should also feature temperature checks and routine maintenance.

Schedule Cleaning Times

Keeping a systematic cleaning schedule for all your equipment and your location is a great way to ensure that everyone is doing their part to keep your commercial kitchen running at its best. Not only is cleaning necessary for safe cooking, but it helps to keep machines running at their best.

Keep Equipment in Good Repair

Broken equipment is not only a problem for efficiency, but it can be a space-hogging eyesore as well. Make sure that broken parts get replaced or repaired as quickly as possible. Not only will this help your teamwork at full potential but it will help keep your image as well. One way to keep everything in good repair is to have regular maintenance and repair services.   

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