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Common Winter HVAC Problems

Winter HVAC Issues

Beware of these common winter HVAC problems.

Winter presents a set of unique challenges for your HVAC system. Not only is it getting a lot more use than it has in months before, but any problems that may have existed within it will likely get exposed as a result of this use. It’s important to know which problems you should expect from your HVAC system during the winter so you can be proactive in fixing them. Here are some winter HVAC issues to look for.

Uneven Air Flow

You may have noticed that one room in your home is way colder than the others. No matter how high you crank the heat up, it seems like the temperature never changes. This problem can be annoying because it essentially means you can’t enjoy that one part of your home. It’s a good idea to have an energy audit done from your home to get to the bottom of why that room is drafty.

Heat Pump Issues

The harsh temperatures and precipitation of winter can do a lot of damage to a home’s heat pumps. This is especially hard to deal with since homeowners rely heavily on their heat pumps to ensure their homes are properly heated. Sometimes, the internal components of a home’s heat pumps will malfunction, rendering it ineffective. It’s important to make sure that your heat pump doesn’t freeze.

Broken Thermostat

Adjusting your thermostat during the winter can lead to it breaking so be sure to monitor whether your thermostat is working or not. Sometimes, homeowners might believe that there is an issue with their home’s vents or pumps when in actuality the thermostat itself is broken. If it is, you should get a new one installed so you can heat your home effectively.

Clogged Heat Filters

Your heat filters will get a lot of work during the winter, so it’s crucial to make sure they’re not clogged. As they’re used more and more, these filters can be clogged by debris, which makes them less effective. This results in it taking more energy to heat your home, which can cost you some money.

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